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"Streetwear that's as Unique as You!" 
hoodies coming soon: 
(NOTE: THIS IS A PULLOVER HOODIE, NOT A ZIP UP! Also, the Japanese characters that are vertically/horizontally across the designs you see are saying "Collectively Killing Society" in Japanese. IT IS 100% POLYESTER!)

CKS Apparel's very first color-way will be a LIMITED edition pullover hoodie, supporting the charity, Operation: Underground Railroad. 


ALL proceeds from this hoodie will be donated to O.U.R.

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(More information on CKS and O.U.R. below.)
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About CKS Apparel...
Why CKS...
CKS Apparel stands for "Collectively Killing Society". At first glance, the name comes off as aggressive. but the meaning behind it is much more impactful. When you put on your CKS Apparel, you and the others wearing the unique apparel are "collectively killing" the societal norm that you have to look/dress a certain way, i.e. wearing bland and dull clothing. All CKS Apparel contains intricate design, incredibly soft fabric, and built-in independence upon wearing.
Our Partnership with O.U.R.
CKS Apparel supports charity! For the very first drop of CKS cloth, CKS has partnered with the charity, Operation: Underground Railroad. This charity works towards stopping the heinous crimes of sex trafficking of children throughout the entire world. 100% of the profits collected from the unique black and yellow hoodie will be donated to help O.U.R.'s significant cause.
Why Operation Underground Railroad is our designated charity:

Operation Underground Railroad is a non-profit founded by Tim Ballard which assists governments around the world in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims, with a special focus on children.

Click the button below to learn more about Operation Underground Railroad.
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